Monday, May 31, 2010

When mommy's away, the boys will play!

I recently had a long 48 stretch at work during which Chad was on full daddy duty all by himself. As I worked in a conference room until midnight with some very serious engineers, I received this stream of pictures, complete with commentary. I definitely chuckled out loud a few times and the men looked at me like, "oh are these proposal deficiencies funny?" Woops...

My new swing in the backyard, weeeeeeee!


Mmm...prunes. Tasty and good for regularity. A favorite.

Bath time.

Daddy gave me a new 'do. It looks good, I know.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

First Wedding of the Season

On Saturday (May Day!) Connor and Meghan tied the knot. We hopped a flight Saturday morning for a short overnight trip, sans baby. Not only was it a beautiful wedding, but we got to enjoy time together and see some old friends as well as Dave and Em. We had a fabulous time. A huge thank you to Nana, Papa and Gram for the babysitting - it's so nice to be able to leave Jackson and not worry.

Here are some pictures from the weekend. They really don't do the venue or the bride justice - both were so beautiful!