Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall is one of the best times of the year

Mornings are normally a hurried extravaganza at our house, but we still try to stop and small the roses every now and again.
1st try at eating food. 1st fail at eating food. 
The Captains chair... 
Wolf pack of 3 
We were out at the Bluemont vineyards for Kim and Jeff's wedding.  It was gorgeous outside.  A bad storm had just rolled through town and cleared out to make way for a wonderful evening.  
 That lady gets me every time.
 The JMU girls

I see you too. 
 Pictures from an aspiring photographer.....
  Pictures from an aspiring photographer.....
Smiles that make you smile
 Ever tried to watch life in 3D?  It's worth a shot.
 Saturday mornings are the BEST