Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The long overdue nursery

After a lot of planning and hard work the nursery is now ready for Jackson Wayne. We are so excited that it is all ready and together. We have found that in these most exciting times we have some of the best family and friends you could ever ask for. All of this was possible because of you.

Little Jackson will (hopefully) be a sleepy baby that spends his days (and nights) giving his mom and dad lots of peace and quiet.

No playing with water guns in the house!!

Our wonderful parents got us this amazing gliding chair that will most inevitably get lots of use!! Molly and Jamie were nice enough to run it out to us when they came over Sunday to watch some football. Thank you so much to the Campbell's and the McCarron's for doing this for us!!

Look out Jackson, that's the time out chair right beside your bed. Be good or you will find yourself spending lots of time here!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baby Shower No. 2

This past weekend the Campbell ladies (Emily and Mary) along with Sher and BT, hosted a beautiful baby shower. The flowers are all done by Sher and you'll notice the coursage I'm wearing has Chad's baby rattle in it - how cute! The food was wonderful. The theme was "baby booties" including the adorable bootie cookies that Donna Olmstead (Emily's mom) made. The weather was gorgeous and it was so fun to catch up with the Campbell family. What a great weekend.

Here are some pictures...

me and the hostesses - Sher, Mary BT and Emily

More gifts! We are really spoiled to have such generous friends and family. I especially loved all of the hand knit blankets, which I'm sure Jackson will treasure.

This was a special gift from Mom. When we were growing up there was a "pouting chair" in the McCarron kitchen (same concept as a time out corner). Mom had the original chair painted to match our nursery bedding, and the artist did a fabulous job! Thank you Mom for such a creative and thoughtful gift. Hopefully little Jackson won't spend (too) much time in this chair!

Nana, me and Granmolly

me and my Granny

Cousin Lily decides she'll try out the pouting chair (even though she was extremely well behaved and didn't need to!)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Baby Shower

On August 13th, Carrie hosted a fantastic shower in my (and Jackson's!) honor at Mom's house. There were about 30 of my closest friends in attendance, although some couldn't make it due to distance. Anyone who knows Carrie knows that this is what she does best - plans showers! It was wonderful, and to help out, Jan (Carrie's momma) came into town all the way from Kentucky. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful friend who loves me so dearly and is willing to take on the role of "sister" since I don't have one of my own. Are you wondering if I'm getting all emotional writing this? Cut me some slack, I'm very pregnant! Also, big thanks to Mom for opening her house to entertain, again, in my honor. Here are some of the details from the day.

All pictures are courtesy of our lovely official photographer Katie - thank you for documenting the day!

A piggy bank that everyone could put a "wish" in for Jackson. Jan did the artwork. This is such a great keepsake.

Carrie had the cake made to fit the nursery theme which is a pattern called "Z is for Zebra" from Pottery Barn. How cute was that cake!? Tasty too...

Did I mention the food? It was delish!

me, the host and the photographer

The favors, from Etsy of course.

Mary, me and Mom

Group shot

Carrie, Jenn, Kim (all the way from NJ!), Lindsey and me...why didn't anyone advise me not to stand next to the tall, thin blond who just returned from her European honeymoon all tan? Lovely ladies:)

Granny, me and Mom + Jackson makes four generations!

The mountain of gifts. Everyone was so generous...this is a spoiled baby!

Aunt Kay, Miss Vicki, and my coworkers Haley and Alison

Carrie, me, April and Katie - I love these girls!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Closer and closer

Thursday of this past week meant.... carpet upstairs. But in order to get the carpet in, first we had to take out all of the old carpet and do a little paintin'. On Wednesday Pops came over at about 8:30 and we worked non-stop till about 7:30. It was a LONG day and there is no way that I would have ever been able to finish on my own. Big thanks to Pops!! The upstairs is being "reassembled" and when it is all done we will put some pictures up.