Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The long overdue nursery

After a lot of planning and hard work the nursery is now ready for Jackson Wayne. We are so excited that it is all ready and together. We have found that in these most exciting times we have some of the best family and friends you could ever ask for. All of this was possible because of you.

Little Jackson will (hopefully) be a sleepy baby that spends his days (and nights) giving his mom and dad lots of peace and quiet.

No playing with water guns in the house!!

Our wonderful parents got us this amazing gliding chair that will most inevitably get lots of use!! Molly and Jamie were nice enough to run it out to us when they came over Sunday to watch some football. Thank you so much to the Campbell's and the McCarron's for doing this for us!!

Look out Jackson, that's the time out chair right beside your bed. Be good or you will find yourself spending lots of time here!!

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  1. Love the grey and dusty blue color combination! Now I know what to keep an eye out for baby stuff.