Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baby Shower No. 2

This past weekend the Campbell ladies (Emily and Mary) along with Sher and BT, hosted a beautiful baby shower. The flowers are all done by Sher and you'll notice the coursage I'm wearing has Chad's baby rattle in it - how cute! The food was wonderful. The theme was "baby booties" including the adorable bootie cookies that Donna Olmstead (Emily's mom) made. The weather was gorgeous and it was so fun to catch up with the Campbell family. What a great weekend.

Here are some pictures...

me and the hostesses - Sher, Mary BT and Emily

More gifts! We are really spoiled to have such generous friends and family. I especially loved all of the hand knit blankets, which I'm sure Jackson will treasure.

This was a special gift from Mom. When we were growing up there was a "pouting chair" in the McCarron kitchen (same concept as a time out corner). Mom had the original chair painted to match our nursery bedding, and the artist did a fabulous job! Thank you Mom for such a creative and thoughtful gift. Hopefully little Jackson won't spend (too) much time in this chair!

Nana, me and Granmolly

me and my Granny

Cousin Lily decides she'll try out the pouting chair (even though she was extremely well behaved and didn't need to!)

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  1. Hi Campbell crew! I am staring at these pictures, wondering where the last 8 months went! I'm sorry that I haven't been out to see you guys in a while--please know that I am thinking sweet baby thoughts for you, and am so very happy that you will be parents in less than 1 month :) Besides visiting with food and handcrafted goods and asking to hold Jackson nonstop--let me know if there is anything you need!!