Friday, September 18, 2009

Baby Shower

On August 13th, Carrie hosted a fantastic shower in my (and Jackson's!) honor at Mom's house. There were about 30 of my closest friends in attendance, although some couldn't make it due to distance. Anyone who knows Carrie knows that this is what she does best - plans showers! It was wonderful, and to help out, Jan (Carrie's momma) came into town all the way from Kentucky. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful friend who loves me so dearly and is willing to take on the role of "sister" since I don't have one of my own. Are you wondering if I'm getting all emotional writing this? Cut me some slack, I'm very pregnant! Also, big thanks to Mom for opening her house to entertain, again, in my honor. Here are some of the details from the day.

All pictures are courtesy of our lovely official photographer Katie - thank you for documenting the day!

A piggy bank that everyone could put a "wish" in for Jackson. Jan did the artwork. This is such a great keepsake.

Carrie had the cake made to fit the nursery theme which is a pattern called "Z is for Zebra" from Pottery Barn. How cute was that cake!? Tasty too...

Did I mention the food? It was delish!

me, the host and the photographer

The favors, from Etsy of course.

Mary, me and Mom

Group shot

Carrie, Jenn, Kim (all the way from NJ!), Lindsey and me...why didn't anyone advise me not to stand next to the tall, thin blond who just returned from her European honeymoon all tan? Lovely ladies:)

Granny, me and Mom + Jackson makes four generations!

The mountain of gifts. Everyone was so generous...this is a spoiled baby!

Aunt Kay, Miss Vicki, and my coworkers Haley and Alison

Carrie, me, April and Katie - I love these girls!


  1. Awww You're too sweet. I do love you guys so much! Can't wait for Jackson to get here. I keep buying him presents. ;-)

  2. ashley i didnt know you guys have a blog - how techie parent of you! so cool!