Friday, August 21, 2009

The Nursery

We have been trying to get the house ready for little Jackson Wayne to show up and the biggest part of getting everything ready is his nursery. Our Personal interior decorator (Ashley) has picked out a color and we will be painting this weekend. She also decided that wainscoting would be a great idea. So last weekend, K-Dawg (Kevin Ackert) was kind enough to lend the majority of his weekend to helping make it all happen. We also changed out the old sliding mirror doors in exchange for traditional 6 panel doors. (Please ignore the tools everywhere). A HUGE THANK YOU to K-Dawg for his help man, that would have been impossible to accomplish by myself!!


  1. This is beautiful already. I love the new closet doors. Nice job boys!

  2. Carrie! Hi and where is your blog?!