Monday, July 26, 2010

Changes in Latitude

That's it, we're all moved out of Groveland Heights Ct. It's a little sad since we've hit many milestones while living there - getting married, having Jackson, etc. But there are good times to come at Meadowsweet Drive!
We really can't say how thankful we are for our friends and family that moved us this weekend. We are so blessed! The day was a record high of 100 degrees, but with all the hands helping we were in and out in three and a half hours. Wow!

We didn't actually take any pictures during the move, so I'll just post cute ones of JW (that's why you read our blog, right??). Most are from baby Colin's baptism which was Sunday at the beautiful St. James' Episcopal Church in Leesburg. Thank you for inviting us!

The others are just randoms from the past two weeks..

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