Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Catching up on the last few days

Jackson's first foot prints....

The time had to come for us to say goodbye to all of the wonderful people at Fair Oaks hospital. This was our last couple of minutes in our room before going home. This is his final outfit from the hospital.

Jersey and Jackson "getting to know one another" with a little referee supervision from dad.
This is as close as you can get to Captain Gingersnap without risking bodily harm. It appears that Jackson and Snaps have agreed to co-exist.

Mom had no idea that this picture was going down (or being posted). These two guys are out for the count......

Little Jackson getting ready for the big first sponge bath... he had no idea what was about to happen. He made it through with flying colors.... not a single cry.

He is being such a little trooper here. He had dreams of swimming the 50 freestyle running through his little head.

Carrie as about excited as they come.

Mike chilling out with Jackson.

Carrie and Mike were so nice and brought us some dinner!! We got to eat and rest while they played with Jackson.

After an exciting afternoon seeing Great Granny Laughlin, we came home and Gram brought us dinner and helped us to get things back together around the house.

We really can't put into words how great everyone has been. Our family and friends continue to blow us away with their kindness and generosity. We are so lucky to be surrounded with such amazing people. Thank you all for everything that you do, it is something we will never forget.


  1. thank you for sharing so many precious moments! guys, he is just adorable and we hope to see you soon.

    love, love, love--kevin and joy

  2. He is so perfect. It was great to see you guys. Can't wait to see you again!