Sunday, November 1, 2009

There's a new Mango in the tree

Wow, how exciting. We are so blessed and thankful that everything over this last week has gone as well as it has. Friday morning at 1:59am Jackson Wayne was born with ten and ten (fingers and toes). Both Ashley and Jackson are doing wonderful. Ashley has done such an amazing job over the last week. Little Jackson weighs in at 8lbs on the nose and is a healthy 20.5 inches long. So far (as many parents probably know) we have ate, slept, gone to the bathroom, and cried. The whole hospital crew here at Fair Oaks has made the experience as easy as possible. We will be eternally gratefully to everyone on the staff here. From the front desk to surgeons to nurses; outstanding. Finally we want to thank everyone for all of their well wishes and prayers.

Due to the H1N1 flu virus; it's been just Ashley, Jackson, and Chad. NO VISITORS, NO EXCEPTIONS. And from what we hear this is becoming standard policy in all hospitals in this area at least. Now to the good stuff, pictures of the little guy.

Here is mom and the little guy
Dad holding little man (starting him on a stong and healthy NY Jets diet early in life)
No comments necessary
Oh yes, we have formally met Mr. Passi.

Quick video


  1. best post ever! hi little Jackson--you and your parents are so lucky to have each other! can't wait to see you all

  2. Thanks for the update. Ashley, mad props. =)

  3. I am all misty reading this. I miss you guys so much. This is my first chance to catch up on the blog. Can't wait to see you soon.

  4. I am getting all teary eyed just looking at the pictures!!!! CHADDY IS A DADDY!!! :) - Jaime