Saturday, November 7, 2009

Life with little man, what a blessing

Breakfast of Champions.
Jackson was trying to get my Cheerio's but that's just not happening (yet)

Dry run with the Baby Bjorn. Uncle Dave and Aunt Emily have one of these and it is amazing!!

2nd Cousin (Jen Roman advised me on the title of 2nd cousin) Sydney hanging out with Jackson.

Great Uncle Mark trying to hype the Cowboys to Jackson

Grandpa rockin and rollin with the little guy

Great Granny's have uncanny soothing abilities

Happy Birthday cake from Great Aunt Dawn and Cousin Sydney (assist from uncle Colin)

Great Aunt Dawn showing Jackson how to put on a smile

Uncle Colin keeping the little guy happy

Taking a nap in the super chair; note the dawg keeping a close eye on the situation

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  1. Im so glad to see everyone is doing well! I hope everyone is getting enough sleep;) I can not wait to meet little Jackson...what a precious baby!!! Im so happy for you guys!!!